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Our CSA is closed. 

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Need help? We consult to home gardeners and small scale farmers. Our expertise ranges from soil biology evaluation, basic gardening techniques, drip irrigation, greenhouses, high tunnels, tractors & equipment, compost & compost teas, and more. Contact us for more information

We sell to local restaurants, florists, other establishments and direct to the public. Learn more about us & our growing methods in our FAQs  & our About Us section.   

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Beware Farmers Markets

Food For Thought: Don't Be Fooled – Stay Educated About Your Food Purchases – Last updated March 22, 2017

As Spring gets underway, roadside produce stands and farmers markets will be booming with customer traffic. These can offer excellent opportunities to purchase local, healthy food while also helping the local economy, local farmers and other food producers, but sometimes these venues are not what they appear. So, depending on your priorities when it comes to food, don't be afraid to keep the vendors honest by asking the right questions about how and where the food and flowers they are selling were grown.

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