Bee Charmer

photo by Janet Rowe

Bee Charmer is our source of local honey from beekeeper extraordinaire Janet Rowe. Janet has hives at both our nursery, the main farm, the Akin farm and several other locations in NE Texas. Janet is also a licensed Texas pest remover and can remove bees from your home for a fee.  Use the contact form on the right to contact Janet directly.

This honey is hand processed. Hand processed honey contains pollens, propolis and small pieces of wax that commercially produced honey has heated and filtered out. Pollen is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.  Propolis is used in many countries as an elixir for the body and a balm for wounds. Propolis, a material that honeybees collect from plants, contains resin, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and bioflavonoids. And the minute particles of wax remaining in the honey add to the total flavor experience. We sell Bee Charmer honey.

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